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Branding Your Organization @ UF

Leverage your on-campus recruitment investment by effectively branding your organization. You allocate a great deal of time, staff and money towards recruiting. Be sure to take time to develop and implement a campus branding program.


A Campus Branding Program is any venture carried out by your business designed to create and communicate your corporate culture, values, and identity to a target group of students who are potential employees.


Your campus brand is important, especially at a university like the University of Florida. There is lots of competition for students attention and a good brand helps to grasp their attention. A good campus brand can:

  • improve your ranking with students as an employer for whom they wish to work
  • shorten time to fill vacancies
  • gain you a higher number of qualified applicants
  • increase employee satisfaction
  • lower employee turnover


To effectively brand your organization, consider the following points:

  • Target the talent you need
  • Offer students what they want
  • Develop a strong online presence – your GCL profile is a good first step
  • Our liaisons can connect you to key individuals in UF Departments and appropriate student organizations
  • Involve your UF alumni in attending recruiting events and making introductions to key contacts and students
  • Consider hiring or designating a student ambassador
  • Look for opportunities to serve on advisory boards around campus
  • Let us help! We offer a wide range of services that can help establish your organization as an employer of choice.


If you should have any questions about reporting your hires, contact or 352-273-2300.

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