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Researching Employers

Learn about the organizations you want to work for. Specifically, you should be able to talk about the organization's industry, products and services.


Details like the size of the organization, office/branch locations, financial standing and training/professional development programs are all important to know. Research will educate you about the organization, help you decide if it is a company you would like to work for and help to impress potential interviewers.

Find information describing your target organizations using resources such as:

  • Professional and business directories, such as the Hoover's Handbook of American Business.
  • The employer's website, literature, annual reports and other brochures.
  • Use online resources to read news about a particular organization.
  • Newspapers and professional periodicals can be very helpful.
  • Network with people working in or familiar with the organization.
  • Use CareerSearch, a database of almost 4 million potential employers, providing access to current information. This service is brought to you by Student Government and the CRC.


Blanketing organizations with your resume at random is never a good strategy. Show your interest by targeting specific organizations through emails, online networking, phone calls, letters and personal contacts. You might try conducting an informational interview, just to learn about an organization and discuss job opportunities. Don't expect the employers to contact you for a job, as it almost never happens.

You must be proactive and take the initiative to make connections with an organization before an employer will be interested in you. Be patient, but be persistent. Follow up at all levels because few managers will contact you, even after sending a resume and cover letter. If the company has no openings available, ask when you can call them back in the future.

Get Further Help

Stop by the CRC for help with researching employers. Visit the Career Planning page for options and hours.

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