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International Experience

Companies are interested in candidates who are globally competent. Having international experience adds to your overall life experience and is a great resume builder. We have information and resources so you can take advantage of international opportunities.

Study Abroad Services

The UF International Center (UFIC) provides resources and information for students looking to study abroad. Make an appointment to meet with an advisor to start gathering information. The UFIC can provide you many resources for study abroad opportunities and will also have information on scholarships, fellowships and funding opportunities.

Work, Intern or Volunteer Abroad

There are many opportunities for you to work or volunteer in other countries. During a study abroad experience, you may be able to obtain a temporary work visa. Other work options include teaching English or volunteering in a specialty area. Many of these volunteer experiences are quite affordable and can look fantastic on your resume.

Short-term options allow you to experience different cultures, learn new languages and travel. Long-term options allow you to become fully immersed in a culture, develop language fluency and even become employable within that culture. An international internship is a good way to start your career in an international arena while in school or shortly after graduation.

Common Questions

"Can I work without a work visa?"

No, but you have many ways to secure a work visa. Visas exist for temporary, but not permanent employment. Countries have numerous programs to help you gain temporary work visas. Basic Internet research will provide you details on the visa requirements for specific countries.

"How do I find an international position?"

You have many ways. Try looking into exchange programs, which allow you to work internationally and secure a work visa before leaving your home country. Teaching English and au pair programs set up the visa and find employment for you. For professionals, try to secure an internship by using one of the many international internship websites or by approaching exploring US employers with international offices.

"How difficult is it to obtain an international position?"

You may find the process more difficult than obtaining an internship or full-time position in your home country. You need to be sure you have language fluency and cultural understanding of the country you wish to work in. Also, consider the skill sets you can offer a potential employer. Certain specialty fields are highly desirable in specific countries.

"Is this program legitimate?"

Do your research and speak to students who have used the program's services. If a program sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

"Will going abroad hurt my chances of getting hired in the USA when I return?"

No, going abroad adds valuable transferable skills. In fact, international experience makes you more marketable to employers. At minimum, this experience can a great conversation starter.

International Job Search Resources

You can start in so many places including our My World Abroadresource. This website is an online tool for finding international jobs and internships. This service also contains country-specific information to help you find international employment. The My World Abroad service is complimentary to UF students who log in with their .ufl email address. Visit the site to create an account and explore your options and find great advice on preparing to study abroad.

Try these additional resources:

Cross Cultural Solutions has opportunities for international volunteer and internship opportunities in health, educational and social services.

BUNAC has opportunities for overseas work/travel and volunteer programs. BUNAC provides the opportunity for you to live and breathe another culture from the inside rather than simply passing through as a tourist.

Transitions Abroad provides opportunities for and information on living, working, interning, studying and traveling abroad. Be sure to browse their country information.

InterExchange is a non-profit organization that works to promote cross-cultural awareness through work and volunteer exchange programs.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) is another non-profit, non-governmental organization that creates and administers programs for college and university to study and teach abroad.

Get help

For additional information and assistance visit the CRC library or request a Career Planning Appointment.

My World Abroad

Start exploring opportunities for your international living/working experience by using My World Abroad. Follow the link and create a new account discover ways to prepare and achieve your international goals!

While you're there, use the search feature to find specific information, resources, and tips!

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