Director’s Welcome – Heather B. White, Ed.D.

The Career Resource Center has served UF for 60 years.

Sixty years. That's how long the Career Resource Center has served University of Florida students and the campus community. From our inception in 1953 as the 'Placement Office' with only one small desk in Tigert Hall, to today where we serve tens of thousands of students and alumni, the goal has always been clear yet simple, have employers look to the University of Florida for the best and brightest candidates.

This past year, we have broken records that I hope would make all those who have worked at the center, today and yesteryear proud. In fall 2012, we set an all-time attendance record at Career Showcase and quickly shattered the record again a few months later at the spring 2013 event. On days like those, I wonder if our first director, Maurice Mayberry, ever imagined such feats.

I thank him, and my predecessor, Dr. Wayne Wallace, for the foundation they both laid for the Career Resource Center. Their vision, along with the talented staff throughout the past six decades, has helped our office emerge into one of the nation's leading career service centers.

We are excited to share another year's annual report with you. You'll find in this report the past year's accomplishments peppered with interesting facts about the early days and history of the Career Resource Center. If you have any questions about any of the data, feel free to contact me at
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  • The career ambassador who worked with me made me go from feeling like I'd never get a job to actually confident about myself and my credentials.

    Jack Black
    Kylie Rae Werk, English major
  • The CRC gave me opportunities to interact with employers at Showcase, which ultimately resulted in accepting a full-time position for after graduation.

    Jack Black
    Kelly Holleran, Advertising major

Graduation Survey by the Numbers

The Numbers Help Us Tell the Gator Story

Survey History

In 1971, the CRC, operating as the ‘Career Planning and Placement Center’, created the “Follow-Up” program to provide statistics on the employment status of UF graduates. The data, initially recorded on computer punch cards, gave each college raw data on the employment status of graduates. Forty-one years later, the “Follow-Up” program has transformed into the ‘Graduation Survey’. Instituted in 2012, the CRC worked in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Planning and Research and the Office of the University Registrar to distribute the UF graduation survey.

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After Graduation

The University of Florida has placed an increased emphasis upon capturing students' post-graduation employment and educational plans. In August 2012, the first university-wide mandatory graduation survey was launched in an effort to tell the Gator Story. In 2012 - 2013, 71% of undergraduate students revealed that their plans after graduation were to work in a full or part time capacity. 91% of our graduation students indicated the same.

I Have
a Job!

The numbers tell us how many students, undergraduate and graduate, have been offered a job upon them completing the survey. Increasing employment of University of Florida students within the state of Florida is a focus of the Career Resource Center. Of those employed when they completed the survey, 75% of summer graduates, 69% of the fall, and 50% of the spring graduates indicated they are working in Florida.

A Campus Jewel

In a faculty/staff advisory board meeting in the fall of 2012, a faculty member told our team that the CRC was a campus jewel when she learned of all the initiatives, services and resources our department offers to students. Our mission is to serve students in the best manner possible and the numbers help tell the story of students who cite using the CRC as a resource to find employment.

UF Career Resource Center | 60 years


We interact with thousands of students and employers through the year. Browse through the sections to learn about out our connections in 2012/13.

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    Highlights Over the Years

    Highlights Over the Years

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CRC Staff Accomplishments

2012/13 Staff Highlights

UF Career Resource Center | 60 years



CRC Partners

Employer support has always been an integral factor to the CRC’s success. Employers have been generous with donations over the history of the CRC to show their support of our mission

Career Showcase Sponsors

We implemented the sponsorship program for Career Showcase in 2008 and it has become a significant way for us to generate revenue to provide programming for students and alumni.

Top Employers 2012-13

Hire UF Gators is our motto, and these employers have truly taken it to heart. The CRC appreciates the commitment our top employers have to put our Gators to work.

UF Career Resource Center | 60 years

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The CRC has made a concerted effort to reduce our overall carbon footprint. This is our seventh year producing an online version of the Annual Report, which directly falls in line with our goal of being a sustainable office.

Written by:
Ja’Net Glover
Ralph Lewis*
Maurice Mayberry*
Dana A. McPherson
Dr. Monica Rosier
Dr. Heather B. White

*Historical information came from the History of the CRC prepared by Maurice Mayberry and Ralph Lewis.

Cory Monteiro