Invite UF Students to Your Company for Gator Shadow Day

April 21, 2017

Employer Registration Opens February 13, 2017
Student Registration Opens March 20, 2017

Participating in Gator Shadow Day is a unique way for organizations based in Gainesville and the surrounding areas to showcase their accomplishments, culture, and employment or internship opportunities to University of Florida candidates. Gator Shadow Day is an annual semester job shadowing program which provides UF students a glimpse into the daily activities of a profession or career of interest.

Participation is a valuable way to introduce talent to your company, and engage with the Gator Nation. Hosting students for a job shadowing experience, can also bolster your recruitment plan, further university relations, and provide opportunities to mentor the next generation of professional Gators.

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Event Details

Gator Shadow Day is a unique way for organizations based in Gainesville and the surrounding area to showcase their accomplishments, culture, and employment or internship opportunities to University of Florida candidates.

Gator Shadow Day is open to any organization based in Gainesville and the surrounding areas.* UF student-applicants are matched with employees at local organizations whose professional roles align with students’ career interests. The CRC does not provide transportation for the student to and from the shadowing site, and the responsibility lies with the student to arrange for transportation.

*Organizations based in an individual’s home are excluded from participation in Gator Shadow Day. Should you register for Gator Shadow Day, we cannot guarantee a student match. Additionally, please note that some students do not have transportation, so organizations located beyond a 25-mile radius should be aware of this obstacle that could limit a match.

There is no charge associated with participation to the student or organization for Gator Shadow Day.
One size doesn’t fit all. Successful job shadowing experiences can take various forms and levels of coordination. Some organizations host multiple students matched with employees across departments for a full-day, while other organizations host one student at a time for a more abbreviated duration. Regardless of the time commitment, hosting a job shadowing student can be valuable for both the student and employer.

A few activities to consider incorporating throughout the shadowing experience could include:

  1. Orientation
  2. Company overview
  3. Tour of facility
  4. Overview job function
  5. Observation of job functions
  6. Incorporating company leadership
  7. Q& A or reflection time

The CRC can assist you with determining how to customize a job shadowing experience for your organization. We can also aid you in communicating any confidentiality agreements, security clearances, or paperwork to students prior to the shadowing experience. For a free consultation about your participation in Gator Shadow Day please contact Tianna Dowie-Chin at TiannaDC@crc.ufl.eduu or 352-273-2314.

In order to participate, organizations or individual hosts must complete the Gator Shadow Day registration form. In addition to other questions, registrants will be asked to identify the following items:

  • Availability on April 21, 2017 (Gainesville)
  • Number of students in which the organization or individual can host
  • Identify the job function(s) the students will be shadowing
  • Describe any sort of special security clearances or paperwork the student will be responsible for completing

Next Steps

Once you register, the CRC will match student(s) with your organizations based on mutual preferences. Students are required to apply for Gator Shadow Day and attend an orientation to ensure they are prepared to participate in the experience. The CRC will notify all organizations via email of your student match(es) between April 10th-17th, 2017. At that point, you can coordinate directly with your student match(es) for day of event activities.


Job Shadowing Beyond Gator Shadow Day

Even if you aren’t based locally or your organization is unable to participate in Gator Shadow Day, you can still partner with the CRC to create a customized job shadowing experience for your organization. While the CRC will not match students to your organization beyond Gator Shadow Day, our staff are here to help you conceptualize and advertise job shadowing experiences within your organization any time of the year. For more information, contact the Employer Relations team at


Please contact Tianna Dowie-Chin at or 352-273-2314

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